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Tennis rackets

With the right tennis racket, you hit every ball. Want to buy a new tennis racket? Then read here what to pay attention to when you buy one.

Framelength for adults

Adult tennis rackets have a standard length of between 68.5 and 69 cm. This is also called the frame length. A racket that is larger than 69 cm is called a longbody. These have a length up to 73 cm. This gives you a larger range and you can serve harder, but you are less manoeuvrable.

Framelength for children

With children's tennis rackets, the frame length is different. With the following steps you will know if you have chosen a racket with the right length:

  1. Leave your child standing upright.
  2. He/she grabs the tennis racket with the forehand grip.
  3. The arm should hang down relaxed.
  4. When the tennis racket touches the knuckle of the ankle, you have the right frame length.

Or use the following size chart:

Age Length Racketlength
4 - 5 year 90 - 100 cm 46 cm
5 - 6 year 100 - 110 cm 49 cm
6 - 7 year 110 - 120 cm 53 cm
7 - 9 year 120 - 130 cm 58 cm
9 - 12 year 130 - 140 cm 63 cm
12 - 13 year 140 - 150 cm 66 cm
< 14 year < 150 cm 68 cm

Grip size

The grip size indicates the thickness of the handle of the tennis racket. In Europe we keep grip size 0 to 5. In the USA they use grip size 4 inch to 4 5/8 inch. To determine the correct grip size you need to measure the length from the top of your ring finger to the second hand line. This length then corresponds to an ideal grip size.

Circumference 100-102 mm 103-105 mm 106-108 mm 109-111 mm 112-114 mm 115-117 mm
EU-size 0 1 2 3 4 5
USA-size 4 4 1/8 4 2/8 of  4 1/4 4 3/8 4 4/8 of  41/2 4 5/8

Sheet size

The surface of the string bed is also called the leaf size. With a larger string bed it is easier to hit the ball on the sweetspot. The sweetspot is the ideal point on the racket to hit the ball. A larger blade also gives you more power and clout, but a smaller blade gives you more ball control.

The weight

The weight of the tennis racket affects batting power, power and ball control. A heavy tennis racket gives you more ball control, while a light racket gives you more clout and power.

< 220 grams: extremelu light
220 – 239 grams: very light
240 – 259 grams: light
260 – 279 grams: quite light
280 – 299 grams: standard weight
300 – 319 grams: heavy
> 300 grams: very heavy

Balance sheet point

The balance point can be in three places: above, in the middle or near the handle. This is also called top weight, equally balanced and handle weight. When the balance point is at the top of the racket you have more clout and power. When the balance point is near the handle, you have more ball control. An even balanced tennis racket is the most all-round type of racket.

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